Joli Woven’s hand-woven babywraps are textiles that are designed together with the customer, starting from the materials and colors. 

 A lot of emotion is often attached to a baby carrier, because it is used to keep the child close, wrapped in love. Babywraps are a useful tool for the family, but also much more! 

 A babywrap, designed for yourself or a loved one, carries memories and emotions with it. Wrapping a child in a beautiful fabric and keeping the baby close in a unique babywrap brings a little bit of luxury to your everyday life.


A piece of luxury for yourself, or maybe as a gift … 

Hand-woven scarf, with the properties and materials that you like, carefully hand-dyed with the colors you love.

Images: Meri Pistokoski, Ilma-Sofia Kuismanen, Melinda Painter