Handwoven art

 Each Joli Woven babywrap and scarf are unique works of art.

Textile art

Joli Woven makes high-quality and unique textile art. Handwoven babywraps, scarves and other textiles.

A hand-woven fabric has patterns, colors, shades of color and subtle nuances. Fringes and different finishes bring their own addition to the fabric. Hand-dyed yarns in hand-woven fabric form a piece of beauty with which to wrap yourself, your children or your loved ones. 

 Each Joli Woven babywrap and scarf are unique works of art.

About Joli Woven

Joli Woven weaves individual babywraps and scarves to customer order. All products are made in Finland.

The end product is professionally finished and hand-made from start to finish. Carefully selected materials and color shades for the hand-woven babywrap or scarf, as well as various finishes, decorations, bring a luxurious feel. 

Each finished hand-woven product is completely unique, from hand-dyed yarns. 

For me as a textile artist, it is important that the finished work with its colors and finishes meets both my own and the client’s expectations.

-Johanna Lervik

Let’s plan together! 

Hand-woven fabric has many properties that are influenced by material choices as well as weaving pattern. Babywrap / scarf can be thin, thick, slightly elastic or sturdy. Kitten soft or rough and textured, slippery and easily sliding or solid and textured. 

At Joli Woven, you as a customer and your satisfaction are the most important thing and I will carefully considered your wishes as a highest priority to create a suitable sling or scarf for your needs.


I chose Joli Woven because of the attention to detail and the love that goes into the weaving. My Joli woven wrap is everything I wanted it to be.

I am 100% satisfied. I love our sling immensely and just the way I wanted it.

We had great communication through the process. I trusted her vision and the wrap is beautiful! I chose Joli Woven because of the freedom in the design process.

My wrap came out perfect, wearing quality, colors and details on the wrap are spot on. I got amazing support with choosing the materials so that wrap would be just as I like, thank you so much!